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September 11, 2011

Who am I?

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My name is Rod Stratman. I was born and raised in rural Indiana by a single mother. My mom worked shift work at a glass container making plant. I have a brother but he was raised from birth by my grandmother and her second husband. I lived with them for nine very unhappy years. Eventually, I will post on those years.

What made me different from others is that I was born with eye problems. Back in those days my vision at best was 20/200. I wore thick glasses. I stuck out in a crowd. I spent most of my school years being alone. Other kids were scared they would hurt me and damage my eyes. I guess you could call me a bit of a social outcast.

After high school graduation I left for college. Through the years I blossomed. I found friends that forgot I had vision problems. I went from wearing plaid shirts and white socks to the nicest clothes of my group. My group of buddies taught me social skills.

I went straight from college into a job. I taught for 14 years but after a few incidents of students trying to do me physical harm, I left the profession and am now a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. My agency helps those with physical and/or mental disabilities find employment. Only it is not that simple. I will blog on that subject in the future.

I live alone and am very happy. On weekends I go back home to mom’s house. I still have my bedroom. Mom and I share a love for Labrador’s. Again, I will blog on that in the future. Another reason I am happy and feel blessed is because I have such a great family.

I eventually will post more about myself so stay turned.


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