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October 2, 2011

What does “home” mean to you?

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I have people all the time ask me which part of Indianapolis I grew up in? I tell them that I did not grow up in Indianapolis. Instead, that I grew up in rural Indiana. Those who have grown up in Indianapolis have no clue as to what I am talking about.

I was born and raised in Aurora, Indiana. Aurora is a small town that sits along the Ohio River about 45 minutes west of Cincinnati, Ohio. Further, I tell them that I lived with my mother down a dirt and gravel dead-end road. I tell them that it is not unusual to see wildlife such as deer in the yard. I point out that it is so rural that we that mom tends to not lock the door at night.

After college I moved around a bit before I settled with my current job. I live on the far west side of Indianapolis. I work on the north-east side of Indianapolis. I am from Aurora, Indiana. I still have a room at mom’s house. You can usually find me at mom’s at least twice a month.

It is not so important about the location of your home but how that place makes you feel. I always sleep better at home with mom. Mom and I share the love of 3 Labrador’s. Something that I will blog about later.

Home is a place where you can relax. Home is a place where you can heal when you are sick or injured. Home is a place where the food is always better. Home is a place where often the best thing to do in nothing. Home is a place where a hundred pound Labrador tries to climb onto your lap. Home means peace.

I feel terrible for those who are homeless. I know someone who lives under a bridge. I know someone else who sleeps on the steps of a church. All of them have had a home but because of poor choices on their part they have either lost their home or been told by the person in their family that owns the home, that they are not welcome.

If you have home then be glad and know how much you are blessed. If you do not have a home then my prayer for you is that you find a place to call home.


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