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November 20, 2011

What does it Mean to work and be Disabled?

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I have been on this earth for almost 50 years. For 50 years that means getting up, making my bed, showering, dressing, grabbing a bit of breakfast and then out the door to work

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am also legally blind. Did I mention that my mirror has more magnification than most? Did I mention that I tend to keep things always in a certain spot? Did I mention that I drive with the help of a special device?

I am usually one of the first to reach the office. I get my either hot tea or coffee started, sit at my desk and start my computer booting up.

Did I mention that I have a 21 inch flat screen computer monitor on my desk that can reach all over my desk? Did I mention that I also have a camera attached to a platform and then connected to a 22 inch HD television set? This allows me to read writing no matter how small.

Did I mention that despite all the wonderful accommodations that I am required to meet the standards of a “normal” counselor? I may need extra help seeing but my performance is based on that of my nondisabled peers.

Besides carrying a regular case load, I am also a specialized counselor that deals with those with Traumatic Brain Disorders. Something we will discuss in another blog.
I have a great supervisor. She provides everything to me in larger darker print. Due to my eye condition I must be absent a few hours each month to attend an eye doctor’s appointment in Cincinnati each month. She has always been supportive of those appointments. She is a very good supervisor and she expects me and the other counselors that work under her to be just as good.

I am fortunate because my secretary that has four other counselors always spends extra time with me helping me be more organized and making sure that all material that comes to my attention to readable by me. I am told she is he best secretary in the state and I believe it.

During the day I handle clients on the phone. I meet with clients for various reasons. I write reports related to those clients. It can be a fast paced stressful day.

At the end of the day. I pack my things and head for my car. I then drive home. I stop to do any necessary errands and return home.

Besides living alone how different of a day is it from yours? Did you get up and get ready for work. While at work did you have the support of your coworkers and supervisor?

A working disabled person is just like their non disabled peers. True, we do have to do some things differently but in the end we all get the same results.


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