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December 4, 2011

Persistence Consistence and Insistence

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I ran across this quote a couple of years ago. I was amazed that those three words in front of me spoke of how to live one’s life.

All of us, disabled and nondisabled, have been told to “give it up” You will never succeed. The deck is stacked against you.

Back in 1969, my baby sister’s husband Joe was trying to teach me how to tie my shoes. I remember thinking that I would never master the skill. Joe would not let me give up. He never lost his temper; instead he just kept having me do it over and over again. I remember when I had accomplished it how we celebrated with ice cream. Mastering that skill took persistence, consistence and insistence.

When I first learned to ride a bike, I spent more time on the ground than I did my bike. My bike was a beauty. It was a red ten speed. One method I used to teach myself to stay on a moving bike was to go down hill. The only problem with that method was that there was a live wired electric fence at the bottom of the hill. Finally, after weeks of being persistent, consistent and insistent I learned to ride the bike.

After years of being in college I was ready for student teaching. I had all the credits and lots of motivation. Then one day, I get a call from the head of the elementary education department. During the meeting she basically told me that due to my eye problems I would never find a job. Basically, she said that all those years and all those classes had been a waist of time.

I remember walking back to my dorm trying to keep my emotions under control on campus. Finally, I got to my dorm room and the flood of emotions rushed over me and I cried. Remember; be persistent, consistent and insistent. The next day I was in the office of the dean for disabled students. It was finally arranged that I would take a self study course where the chairperson would observe. I did my best and it showed. The teachers I was working for wanted to give me an A but the chairman lowered it to a B. Eventually, I had a successful student teaching experience.

When I graduated from college I was presented with the opportunity to teach students with severe disabilities. It was a rough start. I was unsure of what I was doing. The teaching staff saw me as someone with no skills. My boss was always on my back. Until I finally figure out the best way to teach the students. We stopped teaching and started using a therapeutic model. It was not easy but eventually everyone joined my approach.

Have I the legally blind, tall, brown haired found the answer. No, the answer found me. It was those three words that I found on a website where I cannot remember the author told me to keep dreaming while progressing towards goals in life.


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