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I will try and be brief.  I was born and raised in a single parent home.  I have a brother six years my senior but he was raised by my grandmother and her second husband.


At 15 months old I was taken to an eye doctor.  He looked at my eyes and told mom to take me home and make me comfortable that I would eventually be totally blind.


Mom was a woman ahead of her time.  She resisted school officials who wanted to send me to the blind school which was two hours away.  Basically, she told them that I was her kid, I was staying at home and they would just need to learn how to teach me.  Remember it was back in the late 60s and early 70s.


I graduated from high school in 1982.  When fall came I was off to BallStateUniversity to be trained how to be a teacher.


My biggest issue while in high school and college was finding a group that would accept me.  I was tall, thin, wore very thick glasses, had a mouth full of braces and dressed like a hill jack.


Eventually, I did find a group.  They adopted me as their token disabled person.  I am still friends with those guys today.


More to come in other post.


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